Get your finances in order with these six superb money podcasts

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TechRadar sister site Mozo is back with a second season of its spicy finance podcast The Finance Burrito (aka 'the hottest show about dough'), and to celebrate we thought we'd highlight our other favourite economics and money-themed 'casts.

In its new five-episode Unwrapped season, Finance Burrito hosts Liv Gee and Tom Watson unroll all there is to know about banking in the digital era.

Get ready to sink your teeth into some fiery topics like the decline of cash, open banking, crypto and investing, cashback offers and online personal finance communities.

Hungry for more? Then be sure to tune into The Finance Burrito’s Your Money News segment (every second Thursday), where the dynamic duo dish the dirt on all the latest happenings in money-land.

In celebration of The Finance Burrito returning for Season 2, here's a curated selection of the Mozo team's personal favourites when it comes to podcasts about money:

1. The Pineapple Project

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Starting out as a ‘personal finance for dummies’ style podcast, The Pineapple Project has since evolved - utilising its season-based structure to deep dive into more complex finance topics. Standout seasons worth a listen were season two, which was all about jobs and careers and season four, which explored death and money. Its fabulously food-related name is also worth a shout, which, in case you were wondering, serves as a nod to the Aussie slang term for the $50 note being the ‘pineapple’.

2. Freakonomics Radio

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Hosted by co-author of the Freakonomics books Stephen J. Dubner, the uber-quirky Freakonomics Radio podcast is a total must-listen. This podcast is about all things economics (who would’ve thought?). But trust us, it’s anything but boring! Each episode zeroes in on a new weird and wonderful topic. For example, did you know that lack of sleep plays a part in the income gap? Learn all about it in ‘The Economics of Sleep’ (episodes 211 to 212).

3. What the Flux

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Hosted by Flux co-founders Brett Joffe and Justin Joffe, What the Flux is a funky new finance podcast that delivers daily bite-sized business news to its listeners in an easy-to-digest 5-minute episode format. Each episode touches on the top three business stories of the day, either Down Under or around the globe, plus some helpful key learnings to take away. This is a great place to keep in the know with all the latest financial business news.

4. The Money

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Hosted by journalist of over 30 years, Richard Aedy, The Money is an ABC podcast that explores Australia through an economic lens. This show explores the ways in which economics influences the world around us in relation to an endless array of subjects and current affairs. A real eye-opener for anyone looking to better understand Australia’s economic landscape.

5. The Property Playbook

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And last but certainly not least is The Property Playbook by award-winning financial advisor and She's On The Money podcast host Victoria Devine and Buyers Advocate Amy Lunardi. This mini-series breaks down the many steps involved with purchasing a property. A total must-listen for anyone who’s currently considering or already embarking on their journey to homeownership.

Rhianna Dews

As a Mozo Money Writer, Rhianna Dews helps twenty-something-year-old Aussies understand and apply complex personal finance learnings into their everyday lives by breaking them down into practical tips and tricks.