Get Voxi's 12GB of data SIM only deal with uncapped features for just £12/pm

Voxi Sim only deal
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Voxi's SIM only deals are some of the best on the market. If you don't want to commit to a long phone contract, Voxi's flexible and affordable offers are worth a look.

The affordable 1-month rolling contracts aren't even the best bit. Voxi offers unlimited social media scrolling and endless video streaming on apps like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, on all of its plans (excluding its cheapest one).

You'll want super quick internet speeds for all of that streaming and Voxi offers just that - all Voxi plans are 5G enabled. One of its most popular SIM only deals, which has a great price with some impressive features, is back. You can get a 12GB of data SIM only plan for £12 a month with Voxi now.

Voxi's budget SIM only deals:


SIM only plan from Voxi | 1 month rolling | 12GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £12 per month
One of Voxi's most popular plans has returned, the 12GB of data for £12 a month SIM only deal is back on the site. For this monthly fee, you'll get unlimited social media scrolling and video streaming, unlimited texts, and unlimited calls. If you decide this isn't the plan for you there's no problem, all of Voxi's plans are on 1-month rolling contracts so you can change yours after 30 days.


SIM only plan from Voxi | 1 month rolling | 45GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £20 per month
If you're looking for something with a bit more data, you can get 45GB for just £20 a month. The same unlimited social media, video streaming, calls, and texts apply, but you'll be getting an extra 33GB of 5G data for only £8 more a month.

Why choose a Voxi SIM only deal?

Voxi's impressive number of uncapped features set it apart from other providers. Yes there are lots of contracts out there with unlimited calls and texts, but how many have uncapped social media scrolling? Voxi allows you to check your social media even if you've used your monthly data allowance. What's more, other providers are reintroducing roaming charges but not Voxi. You can continue to use your plan at no extra cost when you're traveling in Europe.

It isn't just checking social media that won't eat into your data, Voxi has introduced its new Endless Video feature. You can stream TikTok, YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix for as long as you like without using any of your data. This feature is available on all plans apart from the 8GB of data a month option.