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Are you looking for a new ultrafast broadband deal? Then we might have found exactly what you're looking for. Right now, you can get Onestream's Full Fibre 550 broadband for only £37.50 per month. This is a broadband-only deal that lasts for 12 months and provides you with average download speeds of 440Mbps. After this period, the price rises to £54.95 per month. 

These ultrafast speeds will be more than quick enough for even the largest and busiest households. They will comfortably allow multiple family members to download UHD movies, stream and watch Netflix. 

However, this is a 'TrueFibre' connection, which is Onestream's term for a 'Fibre to the Premises' (FTTP) service. At present, Onestream says that only 23% of the UK can receive full-fibre speeds. As a result, you'll need to check whether your home is eligible for this deal before you make a purchase. Thankfully, you can check this information quickly and easily one the Onestream website. 

If you decide this deal isn't quite right for your needs or it isn't available in your area yet, then take a look at our other top broadband deals today.  


Onestream Supreme 550 | 440Mbps download speeds | £37.50 per month | Unlimited data | 12-month contract

Onestream Supreme 550 | 440Mbps download speeds | £37.50 per month | Unlimited data | 12-month contract 
With this broadband-only deal from Onestream, you can get the company's Full Fibre 550 broadband package for only £37.50 per month. This deal is a 12-month contract and you'll receive download speeds of 440Mbps. However, this 'TrueFibre' package is only available to homes with a fibre to the premises connection. If this deal is available at your home, you'll receive superfast speeds that are quick enough for even the largest families and homes. 

Why choose Onestream?

Onestream is an upstart provider that's looking to disrupt the home broadband space. The company (which is part of the Hampshire-based broadband specialist Onecom) is known for its budget-friendly offerings and quick speeds. Our research has shown that the company offers some of the quickest speeds on the market (up to 900Mbps) at affordable prices. 

Onestream also uses the same network as major providers such as BT, Sky and TalkTalk. This means that if you sign up with Onestream you won't have to inform your old provider that you're switching – Onestream will do this for you.

On top of this, all of Onestream's packages come with totally unlimited data, and customers can upgrade their package for free at any time. Plus, Onestream also provides a service satisfaction guarantee. This means customers can try Onestream for 14 days, with no penalty for leaving. 

However, although there are benefits to choosing Onestream as your broadband provider, Onestream's customers are rather negative about the service the company provides. That said, there is evidence that the company is improving. It now has a 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot from more than 8,000 reviews. More recent reviews  appear to be more complimentary about the company's customer service agents. 

If you're looking for the cheapest superfast deals around, then Onestream is a solid choice. However, if you think this 'TrueFibre' package isn't right for you or you'd simply like the cheapest deal available, then take a look at our top broadband deals page. Alternatively, check out our comparison widget below.

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