GeForce GTX 1660 Ti leak shows the graphics card outperforming the GTX 1070

GeForce GTX graphics card
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A leaked benchmark of the incoming GeForce GTX 1660 Ti – which is almost certainly in the pipeline now, given the weight of evidence we’ve seen recently – indicates that the graphics card will be faster than a GTX 1070, and very nearly as quick as AMD’s freshly launched Radeon VII (believe it or not – more on that later).

The GTX 1660 Ti, which is rumored to launch later this week, racked up a score of exactly 5,000 in a Final Fantasy XV benchmark as unearthed by TUM_APISAK, the source of many GPU benchmark leaks.

Of course, as with any such leak, we have to bear in mind that it might not be genuine. But if it is, this pegs the GTX 1660 Ti as being a hair faster than the GTX 1070 which scored 4,954 on the same benchmark (at 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, high-quality details).

It’s also a mere 25 points behind the GTX Titan X, which was a grand’s worth of GPU when it first launched (although admittedly, that was almost four years ago).

What’s perhaps really interesting here, however, is that when comparing to rival AMD cards, the 1660 Ti is not far off the pace of AMD’s Radeon VII, which recorded a result of 5,283.

In other words, Nvidia’s allegedly incoming GPU is only around 5% slower here, and the GTX 1660 Ti will reportedly be pitched under a $300 price tag, with rumors indicating a $279 price in the US – compared to a $699 price tag for the Radeon VII.

Fantastical results?

That would obviously represent an astounding reversal for Nvidia in terms of price/performance ratio, but there are lots of major caveats here. For starters, we’re talking about two separate rumors in terms of the pricing and the benchmark.

And this Final Fantasy XV benchmark does not stack up with our (or anyone’s) findings in terms of the overall performance of the Radeon VII, which equals Nvidia’s RTX 2080, broadly speaking (and beats it in some areas).

And the RTX 2080 topped 8,000 with its Final Fantasy XV result, so obviously things aren’t adding up somewhere. Naturally, there’s only so much you can tell from a single game benchmark anyway (assuming it’s on the money in the first place, in this case).

Nevertheless, the GTX 1660 Ti is clearly shaping up to be an impressive GPU, and according to a previous leaked Ashes of the Singularity benchmark it will be close to 20% faster than a GTX 1060 (and in the same ballpark as a GTX 1070 – backing up this leak, pretty much).

Nvidia doubtless realizes that it needs to counteract the recent tales of poor RTX graphics card sales, due to the very high price tags slapped on these GPUs, which in turn has been part of the reason why the company’s profits are dipping.

At least we don’t have long to wait to find out if the GTX 1660 Ti actually emerges later this week. We’ll hopefully be able to finally see the launch price, and actually put the thing through its paces ourselves.

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