Garmin launches new super luxe fitness trackers for adventurers with deep pockets

Garmin Marq Performance Driver
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin has added four new watches to its Marq lineup of luxury fitness trackers. The new Marq Performance Edition watches are all made for very specific outdoor pursuits, with models designed for athletes, aviators, drivers and adventurers exploring off the beaten track.

All four watches can be used to send and receive messages via Garmin's inReach satellite communicators, allowing you to stay in touch in even the most isolated locations, but they're built as much for style as function.

However, despite their highly specialized features and designs, the new watches are actually slightly less expensive versions of the main Marq line, with bands made from practical silicone rather than materials like vacchetta leather and titanium.

The Marq Athlete Performance Edition shows VO2 max and recovery time scales on its carbon-coated titanium bezel so you can check on your fitness and training progress at a glance. It offers turn-by-turn GPS navigation, and shows you the most popular routes near you using Trendline popularity routing.

It comes supplied with Garmin's new HR Pro chest strap heart rate monitor, and will set runners, cyclists and swimmers back $1,700 / £1,499.99 (about AU$2,400).

Time to explore

The Marq Adventurer Performance Edition features a similar titanium bezel and case, this time engraved with a compass design. Its dedicated orienteering mode overlays a digital compass on top of a GPS map, and its Expedition app keeps power consumption to a bare minimum for journeys away from power outlets. It costs $1,600 / £1,399.99 (about AU$2,200).

For race days, the Marq Driver Performance Edition (with a 'Plasma Red' watch band)  is pre-loaded with maps of 250 race tracks around the world, plus a tachymeter and chronograph. It retails at $2,100 / £1,899.99 (about AU$2,400).

Rounding out the set, the Marq Aviator Performance Edition provides aviation weather reports, the ability to transfer flight plans from the Garmin Pilot app, and flight logging. It will lighten your wallet by $1,600 / £1,499.99 (about AU$2,400).

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