Xbox One just expanded its backward compatible games list, party chat

Xbox One March Update
Xbox One March Update

The Xbox One update for March has arrived on time today, and that's good news for gamers because it includes new backward compatible games and pushes the limits of party chat.

This next iteration of Microsoft's monthly software updates is rolling out right now, but only to members of the company's Preview beta test program. Everyone else can expect to download it later this year when it's fully beta tested.

Microsoft's decision to include Xbox 360 digital games in the Xbox One storefront expands the platform's success with backwards compatibility.

In the last six months, it claims that more than 30 million hours have been played of backward compatible titles and it hopes by including them directly in the Xbox One store that number will grow.

Xbox One March Update

16-player party chat

The other major addition coming down the pipeline is expanded party chat that will soon allow for 16 players to jump into a party at once - a boon for the Rocket League, Halo 5: Guardians and Battlefield players who have needed to divide up into parties in bigger matches.

If you're enjoying the party so much and want to share it with the world, the latest update will also allow you to stream the game - along with the party's banter - to Twitch for the first time. Microsoft made it clear that it will notify all players in the chat that you are streaming before it makes you internet famous, and will given the option to participate.

Beyond the two major updates, you'll soon be able to select where audio comes from - whether game volume or party chat comes your TV speakers or your headset - and will be able to change long recorded gameplay clips are, with a new maximum of five minutes.

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