Titanfall 2 teaser promises worldwide reveal and PS4 support

Titanfall is coming, and it's multi-platform

The teaser for Titanfall 2 descended upon the internet today like one of the massive robots the game takes its name from.

While a glance at Respawn Entertainment's man-v-mech multiplayer shooter is exciting, PS4 owners are the ones getting the most from this first look.

Carrying on the popular tradition of "tease the tease," the snippet from the clip keeps its cards close to the chest plate, promising a full-on worldwide reveal on June 12. Yes, this is the same day as EA Play, the event Electronic Arts is hosting in lieu of attending E3.

Other than that, there isn't much else to glean from the clip about the game itself, other than the Titans appear to be wielding bladed weapons this time around.

This info isn't quite as pertinent, however, as Titanfall 2's secondary announcement that it's coming to Xbox One, PC and PS4.

While the original Titanfall was an exclusive for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows, Titanfall 2 will indeed make its way to Sony hardware.

It's no secret the sequel wasn't going to be a Microsoft exclusive, but this is our first commitment to the PS4 made straight from EA's mouth.

Now if only Sony and Microsoft could make nice on cross-platform multiplayer, then we'd get to see some real online potential when the mecha shooter makes its debut on both consoles.

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Parker Wilhelm
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