The GTA 5 Rockstar Editor will turn Los Santos into a filmmaker's playground

The GTA 5 Rockstar Editor will change YouTube forever

Grand Theft Auto 5 has finally landed on PC. And while we know that the wait was worth it for its glorious 4K resolutions, amazing suite of customisation options, and impressive framerates, perhaps one of the more interesting features is the arrival of the PC-exclusive Rockstar Editor.

To celebrate the arrival of the video making suite, Rockstar has put together this video of what is possible with the new in-game video editing tool.

This video editor does so much more than what GTA 5 cheats can achieve. While it glosses over the many, many intricate possibilities of the video editor, it does showcase some of the incredible options on offer for turning Los Santos into a virtual film studio.

Running, Man

As an indication of the power of the video editor, our friends over at PC Gamer have shown us the first video made using it.

Created for Rockstar by gaming channel 8-bit Bastard, the short film – titled "Running, Man" – is noticeably short on narrative or features, but cleverly showcases the strength of the Los Santos sandbox and the powerful features of the Rockstar Editor.

Undoubtedly it will only take hours for YouTube to explode with amazingly crafted films following the game's PC launch, but as an indicator of the strength of the tools on offer, this one is pretty good.

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