Sony's virtual monkey-dog pet released from captivity this Xmas

Sony's EyePet set for a Christmas 2009 release
Sony's EyePet set for a Christmas 2009 release

Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed this week that the new PlayStation Eye virtual pet game EyePet will be out in time for Christmas 2009, much to the delight of younger PS3 gamers everywhere!

Sony has yet to really mine the possibilities opened up by its own PlayStation Eye camera attachment, and it clearly hopes that EyePet's little interactive virtual monkey might well be the game/app to really show off what the tech is capable of.

Teach, Feed, Play

"Experience the first virtual pet who doesn't just live on screen, he lives in the living-room," explains Sony's press release. "Using the PlayStation Eye camera, EyePet will interact with users and the environment to deliver entertainment and fun for the whole family.

"With EyePet players will learn to care for their new pet, including teaching, feeding, and playing with them. Additionally, players can compete in daily challenges to make their EyePet more intelligent and agile, and to earn special rewards."

SCEE is still to confirm an exact release date, but a rep confirmed with TechRadar this morning that the game would definitely be out in time for Christmas.

Eager fans of virtual monkeys will be able to buy the game on its own or bundled with a PlayStation Eye (and a PS3, too, no doubt - if you still need one!).

EyePet features

EyePet Reacts to Every Move and Command – Place an object in front of the camera and EyePet will interact with it. Tickle EyePet by waving your fingers in front of the camera and he will laugh. Poke him, and he will jump. Roll a ball and EyePet will chase after it.
Customize Your EyePet – With over 250 unique collectibles you can customize your pet's look by styling his fur, changing his clothes, and giving him new toys.
Graphics and Animation That Only the PS3 Can Deliver – EyePet features Pixar-like fur technology and facial expressions. Watch EyePet change as he evolves over time.
Create and Share With Friends – Draw new toys and watch EyePet interact with them as they spring to life on-screen.

Stay tuned for a confirmed release date and much, much more from Sony from next month's GamesCom event in Cologne.

Adam Hartley