Sony announces white PS3 for Japan

New white PS3 launches in Japan
New white PS3 launches in Japan

Sony is set to launch a 'Classic White' PS3 in Japan and bump up the storage capacity on its games console to a maximum 320GB later this month.

The traditional black PS3 will be made available with 160GB and 320GB hard drives, with the 160GB version also set to be made available in white.

Shoot and move

The white PS3 and the higher-memory black PS3 will be launched in Japan on July 29 at recommended retail prices of 29,980 yen (£225) and 34,980 yen (£262) respectively.

Sony Computer Entertainment is also set to release a bundle of the 160GB black PS3 along with the digital terrestrial tuner accessory which lets viewers watch and record TV in standard or high definition. That bundle will set Japanese telly addicts back 36,980 yen (£277).

The previous 120GB PS3 will be phased out in Japan. No word from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on plans to bring the 320GB black PS3 or the 160GB white PS3 to the UK. Yet.

In other PlayStation in Japan news, Sony has confirmed its Move launch titles for its homeland, as well as details on Move hardware and software bundles.

Andriasang notes that the following titles will ship in Japan alongside Move's October 21 launch:

  • EyePet (SCEJ, ¥3,980, $45)
  • Sports Champion (SCEJ, ¥3,980, $45)
  • Beat Sketch (SCEJ, ¥2,980, $34)
  • Fure! Fure! Bowling (aka High Velocity Bowling, SCEJ, ¥1,900)
  • Machi Suberi (aka Kung Fu Rider, SCEJ, ¥3,980, $45)
  • Big 3 Gun Shooting (Namco Bandai, ¥6,279, $72)

Following those Japanese launch titles, the following Move titles are set to arrive later in the year or earlier in 2011:

  • Mugen Kairo Hikari to Kage no Hako (aka Echochrome, SCEJ, November, ¥3,980, $45)
  • Nikudan (SCEJ, November, ¥3,980, $45)
  • Move de Party (SCEJ, November, ¥3,980, $45)
  • TV Super Star (SCEJ, December, ¥3,980, $45)
  • Furi Furi! Sarugetchu (aka Ape Escape, SCEJ, 2010, price TBA)
  • Sorcery (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)
  • Tower (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)
  • The Shoot (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)
  • Heroes on the Move (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)

Sony is also set to sell Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and Big 3 Gun Shooting as part of its Move bundles at the Japanese launch of the new motion-control tech later this year.

The PlayStation Move Resident Evil 5 bundle is set to cost ¥7,980 (£60) for which Japanese PlayStation fans will bag the Motion Controller, a PS Eye camera and a copy of the game.

Move is set to arrive in the UK on September 15 in the EU. The controller is set to cost $49.99 (£33) in the US and the Navigation Unit is set to cost $29.99 (£20). We still await official pricing for Move in the UK.

Here's the first Japanese TV advert for PlayStation Move.

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