Sony announces ITV Player, movie streaming service for PS3

Sony is bringing a new movie streaming service to the PS3 in October
Sony is bringing a new movie streaming service to the PS3 in October

If the idea of watching movies and catch-up TV via your PlayStation appeals, then you will be happy to hear that Sony plans to launch ITV Player and a PS3 movie streaming service in the UK this coming October.

Sony's announced at GamesCom in Germany this week that Sony will get another streaming film service called Mubi, which will launch in October.

The service will appear on the XMB, alongside iPlayer and the like.

Sony also announced that the PS3 will also be getting additional TV on-demand services, such as ITV Player.

However, the rumoured agreement with Channel 4 to bring 4OD to the platform was not mentioned.

You will access the movie streaming service via PlayTV's crossbar. Mubi will also include a number of community features, such as a forum for discussing your favourite flicks, alongside a rating system.

Ad-supported subscription packages

Costing is still to be finalised, though Sony is promising an ad-related subscription plan. We will of course bring you further news on that when we have it.

IPTV content agreements have been signed with providers in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Finland.

Finally, in addition to movie streaming on PlayTV, Sony also announced a new service called PlayTV Chat, with features such as Facebook integration and live chat with friends.


Adam Hartley