PS3 Wand features rumble and multiplayer

PS3 Wand rumoured to have DualShock 3 support
PS3 Wand rumoured to have DualShock 3 support

Sony is planning a major marketing campaign to establish its new PS3 Wand controller early in 2010, with the new motion-sensing gaming controller to feature rumble and work with up to four controllers at the same time.

In a leaked brief to games developers, Sony has mentions its plans to establish "a range of first-party and third-party content" for the PS3 Wand.

The developer briefing was leaked online via Kotaku, with the welcome information that Sony's new controller is also set to feature rumble and PS3 Wand games will work with up to four of the new snazzy controllers at once (providing, of course, you have a large enough lounge or gaming space!).

DualShock 3 support?

The Sony PS3 Wand features 1:1 motion sensing, head-movement and voice tracking and works in conjunction with the PS3 Eye camera. The new hardware was revealed earlier this month at E3 in Los Angeles.

In the latest developer brief leak Sony mentions that there will be "SPU overhead" which will have "an impact on memory" when these additional PS3 Wand features – something TechRadar will be sure to quiz games devs about when we speak to them about any PS3 Wand games currently planned.

There is also the mention of the "possibility" of DualShock 3 and PS3 Wand compatiblity. Again, more on that as and when we hear about it from Sony and/or its third parties.

Adam Hartley