Plans for Virtua Tennis: Project Natal edition

Sega is keen to get started on Virtua Tennis - Project Natal edition

In a recent interview, Sega's MD for European Development has kickstarted yet further hype about Sony and Microsoft's planned motion controllers for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, commenting on plans to bring Sega's mighty Virtua Tennis to the console giants new motion controllers in the near future.

Microsoft's Natal and Sony's own PS3 Wand style motion controllers are both expected to arrive at some as-yet-unspecified point late in 2010, with the first dev kits already shipping out to selected third-party development partners.

TechRadar's first thought on seeing Nadal demo'ed by Microsoft at E3 last month was... Virtua Tennis!

Luckily, it seems that Sega's MD for European development, Gary Dunn, also had the same thought at the same time.

To be this good...

In an interview over on, Dunn told them in no uncertain terms that he was excited about the possibilities with both systems and said, "I immediately now want to make another Virtua Tennis."

"Being the largest third-party publisher on Wii we obviously have good gestural experience," added Dunn.

"I can see an opportunity to get a land grab on some of our competitors by taking our head start in gestural gaming and evolving it."