Pandora gaming console finally shipping to UK

Project Pandora is set to ship its new handheld consoles to the UK very soon

Project Pandora has been one of those open source handheld gaming console developments that has been plagued with delays and accusations of being 'vapourware' for the last two years.

However, it now looks like final mass produced units of this powerful little gaming device are set to ship to the UK later this very month, following video demos of the 'final' version which we saw late in 2009.

Pandora's box finally opened?

Development units arrived in the UK back in February, but gamers were still not holding their breath about the chance of actually getting hold of one to play on themselves.

The picture here shows the first coupld of mass produced Pandoras and over at the official Pandora blog, the team reports it now has fully functioning drivers for the console and that it is set to ship final cases and boards to the UK soon for final assembly.

Of course, we have heard all of this before a number of times. So we will have to wait and see if a final version of this fascinating sounding interactive entertainment toy really does reach our shores in the near future.

All of our fingers and toes are crossed in anticipation…

Pandora blog