OnLive: 'All guns blazing' for UK launch

OnLive: "All guns blazing" for UK launch
All guns blazing, after a slight US/UK lag

OnLive's John Spinale has insisted that the UK will benefit from lessons learned from the streaming gaming service's year of operation in the US.

OnLive's launch in the UK on Thursday will attract widespread interest, with gamers keen to see if a streaming service can truly sidestep the obvious latency issues in order to provide top-level gaming from a set-top box.

The platform's VP of games and medis has told TechRadar's fellow Future stablemate CVG that mistakes made in the US mean that the UK's version will arrive with 'all guns blazing'

"We haven't really talked about OnLive much in the UK yet so I don't think we deserve any credit, but soon hopefully we'll get some good reactions," he said.

"We started off in the US with a soft launch. We did some PR and said 'hey, this is neat and revolutionary technology', but we didn't really market or push it hard because we were still developing what it was."


"We limped out with the fundamental architecture... but we didn't have a fully robust feature set that gets everybody excited," he added.

"Now we have a really robust platform so we have the ability to come out guns blazing in the UK and show everybody the opportunity is huge."

BT has sealed a deal with OnLive to bundle the gaming service in with its broadband, although people can sign up with OnLive direct if they are on other ISPs.


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