Nobody will find all of GTA V's easter eggs, says art director

Nobody will find all of GTA V's easter eggs, says art director
GTA V - a touchstone of modern gaming

The art director for Grand Theft Auto V has told TechRadar that the game is so packed with references he doubts many people will even see them.

In an extensive interview into the world of GTA V, Garbut explains just how much the landscape has changed for a series that has become such a touchstone in modern gaming.

When asked about rumours of yetis and other visual easter eggs, Garbut confirmed that players would be wowed by the sheer amount.


"There's stuff that's so obscure that most people will never see it," said Garbut.

"I love the connection that social media has given us to the people that play our games.

"We can see what they like and what is interesting them as it happens, and this really has helped push more of these things into the game.

"I think everything in IV has been found, I'm not sure if the same thing will happen for 5."

We will start to see if GTA V, which launches tomorrow, gets the critical acclaim from when reviews sneak out from under embargo at 3pm.

In the meantime we'll get back to sitting next to our postboxes and hoping that we're among those lucky enough to get an early delivery.

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