Sony PSPs to be used as in-flight entertainment

The PSP - plane sailing for Sony
The PSP - plane sailing for Sony

IFE Services, a UK in-flight entertainment specialist, is to bring modified PSPs to long haul flights.

The PSPs used will have a 11-hour battery life and will be used by six, as yet unnamed, major airlines.

"The peripherals were specifically selected for use by airline passengers enabling the PSP system to be comfortably held or positioned on a seatback tray," says IFE's release.

"The PSP system has a high-resolution, widescreen TFT display and a sleek, lightweight design. To provide an enhanced experience to passengers, the PSP systems will be equipped with an extended battery life offering from 5.5 to 11 hours while playing games."

Long awatied

Speaking about the link-up with Sony, Mark Hogg, CEO of IFE Services, said: "We're delighted to be able to bring the PSP system to the airline industry.

"As a veteran provider of in-flight entertainment, we know that many airline passengers are interested in playing full-scale games with impressive graphics, which the PSP delivers.

"Our view is that this has been long awaited by the airline industry and the passengers they fly."

A new PSP is set to be announced at E3, but we're expecting that the ones used by airlines will be the a version of what is in on sale at the moment.

Via Joystiq

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