PS Vita tops Amazon charts ahead of UK release

PS Vita tops Amazon charts ahead of UK release
Vita - quite popular, it seems

It's yet to even launch in the UK but the Wi-Fi only 8GB PS Vita has topped's bestseller chart on pre-orders alone.

Hitting the shops tomorrow, PS Vita-related goods currently hold 70 per cent of the retailer's top 20 video game pre-order charts, as Liz Hosmer, manager of video games at explains:

"14 of the top 20 positions in our video games pre-order chart are held by the PlayStation Vita console, games and accessories, which clearly illustrates the level of excitement that we are seeing around the product.

"The release of a console is always big news and the buzz created around the new technology and enhanced gameplay has ensured that the PlayStation Vita is a bestseller in our charts before it has even been released."

Big in Japan

Released in Japan back in December 2011, the PS Vita lands in the UK and US tomorrow, 22 February, with Vodafone nabbing the 3G exclusive in the UK.

We're big fans of the handheld console, as you'll see in our PS Vita review which garnered Sony's gizmo a healthy four stars. In fact, we went as far as to call it, "the most powerful, dazzling and impressive handheld games console ever built."

And you can check it out in action in our hands on video below:

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