Gameloft ups support for iPhone gaming

iPhone - the new PSP?

The world’s number one mobile phone game publisher, Gameloft, has confirmed that it is to fully support iPhone gaming, following on from Apple’s announcements last Thursday.

Gameloft, which sells over 200,000 games per day throughout 80 countries, currently has over 200 mobile games on its roster. It follows the lead of THQ, EA and Sega, committing to at least 15 new iPhone games in 2008. Details on specific titles are yet to be announced, but rest assured we will be keeping you right up to date as we get the details.

App Store up soon

From Gameloft’s release just in: “Though the SDK was recently released, games will only be available to purchase once the App Store, featuring third party applications that can be downloaded to your device via Wi-Fi or EDGE, launches in June 2008.

“As expected, iPhone proves to be a revolutionary gaming device, thanks in part to a 3.5-inch widescreen, the touchscreen feature, a strong 3D processor and other exciting features such as the accelerometer.”

Michel Guillemot, president of Gameloft, seems fairly excited about the possibilities. He claimed: “The iPhone gaming environment opens a new era in mobile gaming and is exactly what we’ve been waiting for…

“The Apple iPhone has changed the way consumers perceive and interact with their mobile phones, and the release of the SDK is a tremendous opportunity for Gameloft to apply its creative and innovative approach to mobile gaming.”

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