Sharp's limited edition handsets could be the Star Wars phones you've been looking for

With another Star Wars film almost upon us, interest in the iconic space saga shows no signs of waning, and Sharp has decided to make the most of the franchise's pulling power by releasing a couple of Star Wars-themed phones through Japanese network SoftBank.

That's right - unfortunately these handsets inspired by a galaxy far, far away are only available in Japan for the time being, but at least the rest of us can gawp at the designs and the details.

You can pick from Dark Side and Light Side models, with colors, trim, and live wallpaper to match, and there are a bunch of software customizations as well - icons, emoji, ringtones and more have been skinned for that immersive Star Wars experience.

The Force reawakens

What's more, there's a bespoke app installed on the phones that lets you rewatch The Force Awakens as many times as you like until December 1, 2019 - if you wanted to learn every line of dialog off by heart, now's your chance.

It's doubtful that you'd be buying these phones for their specs, but you get a 5.3-inch display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage (with microSD expansion) Around the back of the phone there's a 22.6MP camera for recording your reactions to Rogue One.

If you don't live in the land of the rising sun then your best bet is probably to customize your existing Android handset yourself. The phones go on sale on December 2nd for ¥97,920 (roughly £705/$870/AU$1,170). 

Via Engadget

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