Europe's meddling could delay UK gaming renaissance

Europe's meddling could delay UK gaming renaissance
An arrow in the hopes of UK gaming?

Euro cannot be serious! Tax breaks for UK game developers are going to be investigated by the European Commission, sparking disappointment from Britain's games industry trade body UKIE.

The UK government had agreed to tax relief for the once-mighty UK gaming industry, but has hit resistance from Europe, and the proposal has already been delayed once.

Now a full investigation has been launched by the European Commission, which fears that the relief could fuel a subsidy race between member states, and is questioning the need for the support.


UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist said: "We are extremely disappointed that the European Commission has decided to open an in-depth investigation into production tax credits for the UK games industry."

"We believe this support is crucial in opening up the opportunity for developers to make culturally British games, but also as a vital incentive for development studios and large multinationals to base their development in the UK and nurture the talent here."

Aside from looking forward to culturally British games (we suggest TeaSim, a platformer called Union Jack and something to do with the Royal Family), it's difficult not to feel sorry for the UK gaming industry after it was promised tax breaks by the government.

Britain's gaming is a shadow of its former self but, partly due to the prospect of tax changes, has experienced a bit of growth in 2013.

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