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"And then they made-a me-a pay-a 10 pounds-a to take it down"
"And then they made-a me-a pay-a 10 pounds-a to take it down"

Computer and Video Games has picked out its top five stories for the week just for TechRadar readers, and they include porn viruses, the release date for Nintendo's next handheld and a video of two player co-op on Mario Galaxy 2.

CVG's biggest scoop for the week came with the site rooting out that the Nintendo 3DS would be arriving a staggering six months ahead of expectations, with an October launch catapulting it onto a thousand Christmas lists.

"In my experience, you don't launch a product that early to Christmas unless you're confident in it - and going to spend a lot of money on it," an exec told the gaming site.

3D firmware

We covered that 3DS story here on TechRadar, along with the news that the PS3 firmware update 3.3 was upon us – greasing the path towards 3D support for games – but CVG's readers seemed less than enthusiastic with the potential of the technology.

It's only a month until the launch of the next Super Mario game – with Galaxy 2 arriving on 2 June, and you can watch Mario's new cloud power-up and the two player co-op in a slice of the action.

The fallout over Modern Warfare has been big news for weeks now, and news of even more defections from Infinity Ward to the EA-backed Respawn arrived along with the new gaming studio's mission statement to create "state-of-the-art gaming experiences for global audiences."

Last, and definitely least for some users, a virus that posted your internet history and made you pay to take it down arrived. Cost of keeping your porn history from your other half? £10.

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