Xbox One supports eight controllers at once, rubs it in PS4's face

Xbox One supports eight controllers at once, rubs it in PS4's face
Just hangin' out with my Xbox buddies

In light of news about the Xbox One not supporting external hard drives from the start and only Day One editions coming packed with FIFA 14, it's nice to have something more positive to get excited about.

Today that comes in the form of confirmation that the console will support up to eight wireless controllers at once, which is double that of the Xbox 360.

This was detailed in the description on the official Xbox One product page. As well as this, each controller will have a 30 foot wireless range meaning those of you who like to distance yourselves from your 98-inch TVs will have nothing to worry about.

Also, you'd probably need a TV that big to play eight player split-screen multiplayer anyway.

Xbox Eight

So unless Microsoft changes its mind about this too the new console is looking like to be a better option for the party gamers. We say this because Sony has just confirmed that the PS4 will only let you connect up to four controllers at a time.

This was confirmed via Twitter by Sony Computer Entertainment's President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida.

Well played, Xbox. Now all we need is that release date...

Hugh Langley

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