Xbox One achievements detailed: your Gamerscore will stay intact

Xbox One achievements detailed: your Gamerscore will stay intact
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A sigh of relief rippled around the internet today as Microsoft confirmed its new achievements system for Xbox One will carry your 360 Gamerscore to the new console.

Beyond that, the new system sees your accomplishments split into two categories: regular achievements and special 'challenges' - these new challenges are described as "more like an opportunity' in that they are time-limited.

There'll be a window during which you can unlock the challenge, but if you don't manage it before the time is up, well, as Cierra McDonald, program manager for Xbox Live Achievements puts it, "*Kanye shrug*".

The things your achievements can unlock are changing too - on the Xbox One you'll be able to earn access to digital artwork, new maps, unlockable characters, temporary stat boosts and the sort.


What's more, you can earn achievements through other apps too - not just games. These include Xbox Live's video and music apps, which can let you earn sneak peeks at new songs, early access to tracks and videos or subscription extensions.

Despite all these new gamified entertainment options, only actual games can boost your Gamerscore. Which, after all, is the way it should be.

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