Xbox One: 10 reasons you're going to love it

7. It has enough power to stand up to the PS4

8 Core CPU, 8GB RAM, 500GB HD – these specs put it in good footing for the next-gen race. Blu-ray support is another big feature we're happy to see on board too.

However, both consoles do use different types of RAM. Xbox One uses DDR3 while the PS4 uses GDDR5. This means the PS4 will have higher bandwidth when dealing with large-scale stuff, while Xbox One will be better at performing lots of smaller tasks at once.

Whether this will put Xbox One at a disadvantage remains to be seen, but we're confident right now that it's more than ready for what the next generation of gaming has in store.

8) Better Xbox Live

Microsoft say the new Xbox Live service will react dynamically to gamers as well as bringing DVR functionality that lets you record and upload in-game footage to the internet.

We also know that it will be jumping from 15,000 to 300,000 servers, which is pretty impressive if you ask us.

Another cool feature we're keen on is Trending, which will show you what's currently popular among friends and within the Xbox Live community, a little like the Wii U does.


Halo: The TV Series - coming soon

9. Spielberg's producing a Halo show for Xbox-ers

'Nuff said really. One of the biggest surprises of the Xbox event was the announcement that a live action Halo TV series is being made, and Steven Spielberg will be producing it.

We've been waiting for a Halo movie for ages, but we'll be just as happy with a TV show. No mention of a new Halo game though, but we expect we'll hear about that at E3.

10. This is just the start

Microsoft's reveal might have been more comprehensive than Sony's, but there are still plenty of things we're yet to see.

TechRadar was promised at a special event that this is just the first part, with E3 being the second. We can't wait to see what else Microsoft has to share, especially with regards to the live TV features and Xbox Live.

Of course, we'll be at E3 to see the rest of the reveal play out, when we'll also finally see the PS4 shown in all its glory. It'll be at that moment that the next-gen console war will really kick off.

Hugh Langley

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