Wii dominates PlayStation 3 and Xbox in USA

Nintendo is completely dominating US console sales at the moment

Surprise, surprise, sales figures for the month of May have once again shown that the Nintendo Wii is streets ahead of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in terms of US sales.

For the fifth straight month, NPD data shows the Wii is tearing away in first place, with consoles flying off the shelves almost as fast as they're being put on. Nintendo shifted 340,000 Wii consoles in May, over four times as many as the PlayStation 3.

The Sony console failed to break the 100,000 barrier once again with only 80,000 units sold. And the maintaining of the status quo is confirmed with the news that the Xbox 360 is, as per usual, treading middle ground. Microsoft sold 155,000 consoles and still leads the race over all with over 11 million shifted in total.

Bizarrely, sales of the aging PlayStation 2 are still miles stronger than the PS3. The seven-year old dinosaur sold 187,000 units in the US last month - more than twice as many.

Nintendo domination

After Sony reduced the price of its PSP handheld console, sales picked up dramatically with 221,000 units leaving the shops. Sales of the PS2 and the PSP will be some small consolation for Sony, although it would surely willingly swap out these figures if it meant it could sell more PlayStation 3s.

The Nintendo DS continued to dominate the handheld market though, with a PSP-destroying 423,000 units sold in May. It's a similar story in Japan too... the Wii and DS are selling five times as many as their Japanese Sony counterparts.

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