Sony Playstation Store getting a much needed update this month

Playstation Store Updates
Sony has finally redesigned the Playstation Store

Sony is in the process of spring-cleaning its Playstation brand, first by slimming down its Playstation 3, and now by overhauling the Playstation Store. The store refresh will be the first major design update to the platform since the hack that shut down the service for five weeks last year.

The Playstation Store redesign - which will roll out across PAL territories including Europe, Asia and Australia on October 17 and the US on October 23 - offers a complete overhaul of Sony's online games hub.

Sony promises that the new design will offer a significantly better navigation system to users looking to find their way through the 20,000 pieces of game content and 100,000 movies and TV shows on offer.

Better for discovery

The store refresh will also deal with some of the frustrations felt by Playstation Vita owners by separating PSP and PSVita content on the site. That's in addition to better filtering options, that allow for discovery of content by platform, price and peripheral support for all those Playstation Move fans out there.

Game titles will also get hub pages, similar to the Xbox 360, that offers links to demos, DLC, themes and full games.

The search function is also getting an overhaul that will now provide results for abbreviations and typos, as well as showing live results as you type in your search query.

It may not be an announcement for the PS4, but an overhaul of the Playstation Store is a much needed update for the platform, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Via: Playstation Blog

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