PS3 chief: don't compare Nintendo Wii to PS3

Comparing the PlayStation 3 to the Nintendo is unfair, says Harrison

The man in charge of the PlayStation brand at Sony has said that it's unfair to compare the PlayStation 3 console to the Nintendo Wii. In an interview with Gamespot UK, Phil Harrison said that because the consoles are so vastly different, they are beyond compare.

He also said that he's not worried about sales figures showing the Nintendo console vastly outselling the PS3 in Japan and the US.

Sony not worried by Wii

"I'm not worried about it, no. Obviously I would like it to be the other way round, but it's not really fair to compare two products that serve different markets and are at different price points. So, it's not something that concerns me when you look around at a place like this and see the depth and quality of talent in games we've got coming through, so I'm pretty happy, actually.

"I don't know what the analogy is. If I make an analogy I'll probably make an unreasonable analogy, so I won't bother," he said.

Hardcore gaming

Harrison said that Sony would be focusing on the hardcore end of the gaming market in a gambit to distinguish the PS3 from its competition.

"I think if you look back at the history of our platforms, they will all follow very similar trends where your initial audience is very different to the audience you have buying into the console seven, eight, or nine years later.

"So, we try to make software which is slightly ahead of that trend, software that enables younger users or new users to come in. I think what characterises PlayStation 3 is there's actually more variety and a more diverse genre mix that's available on the PS3 earlier in the life cycle than we saw on PS2 or PSone. So I think we're pushing into new areas more quickly than we've done before."

Harrison also said that the negative reaction the PS3 received in the international press will soon turn around, with new games arriving to make the console a more attractive purchase.

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