DIY hack turns an old NES cartridge into any retro console you want


Looking for a simple but rewarding project to sink your teeth into? You might want to take a look at this hack that will allow you to turn an old NES cartridge into a powerful retro gaming emulator.

In a recent video, Howchoo contributor Zach shows his viewers how to get over 2000 games into the old Nintendo cartridge using only a Raspberry Pi Zero computer, a USB hub, and some adapters. Oh, and an old NES cartridge you're willing to literally gut, of course.

Once you've created the physical console as Zach demonstrates in his video, all that's required is installing the RetroPie emulation software onto your Raspberry Pi so that it can actually run the games. Not entirely up to scratch when it comes to software? There's a guide for that too.

Cheap as (computer) chips

It's a creative idea and if you opt to include a USB hub in the build you can even play local co-op games with your friends. According to Zach the entire thing shouldn't really cost you any more than $50 US (around £38 GBP and $66 AU).

Interested? You can see Zach's video below:

Emma Boyle

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