Samsung Galaxy S22 to use plastic from recycled fishing nets

Samsung to use plastics from repurposed fishing nets
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Samsung will use plastic from discarded ocean-bound fishing nets in Galaxy devices including the forthcoming S22, the company announced Monday morning, as part of its efforts to expand the use of eco-conscious materials and make its business more environmentally friendly.

Samsung said it’ll soon “incorporate repurposed ocean-bound plastics” across its whole product lineup, and the first example will be the Galaxy devices introduced at the Unpacked event on February 9. So that makes it clear that its flagship Galaxy S22, which is set to be launched there, will sport this new material.

Samsung did not spell out explicitly as to what extent the material will be used or how it will be used in its devices.

The Korean electronics giant said the use of a new material "marks another step in our Galaxy for the Planet journey that aims to minimize our environmental footprint and help foster more sustainable lifestyles for the Galaxy community".

The upcoming devices will reflect the company’s ongoing effort to eliminate single-use plastics and expand the use of other eco-conscious materials, such as recycled post-consumer material (PCM) and recycled paper, it added.

Samsung has already made a commitment that it would fully eliminate single use plastics from product packaging by 2025.

More to be unveiled at Unpacked

Fishing nets in deep ocean

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Stating that 640,000 tons of fishing nets are discarded in the oceans every year, Samsung said the discarded fishing nets are disrupting the delicate balance of our environment at an alarming rate. “Collecting and repurposing these nets are vital first steps in keeping our oceans clean as well as preserving the planet and our collective future,” Samsung said.

Samsung also said it would continue developing energy-saving technology for higher efficiency and less power consumption, thereby achieving nearly zero power standby consumption of smartphone chargers, referring to the power used after a smartphone is fully charged.

Samsung may have got more in store for its sustainability efforts beyond the repurposed fishing nets. "Learn more about our vision for a sustainable future at Unpacked," it added.

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