Forget the shopping channel, Amazon’s testing out a shopping app for Fire TV

Amazon might be ready to overthrow QVC as the best way to buy unnecessary commodities from the comfort of your couch. 

The Seattle-based company briefly released a new app called Fire TV to the streaming box’s app store yesterday that allows users to buy products directly from the Amazon store using their Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

While users didn't have long to view the app on the store, grabbed a screenshot of the shopping app's description that more or less spells out the fact that shopping on Amazon TV is coming very soon: 

"With the Amazon TV app, you will be able to enjoy a lean back shopping experience on the largest screen in your house, using just your Fire TV remote.” 

But, before you could say “free two-day shipping”, the app listing disappeared. 

QVC, meet AFTV

So, what are we to make of the Amazon app's disappearing act? 

Well, it means that the Amazon shopping app is still in development. But, perhaps even more interesting is the fact that it's nearly ready for release.

A shopping app on the Amazon Fire TV could help bolster the sales of Amazon's streaming box and help bring the Fire TV into the Amazon ecosystem.

Considering the fact that Amazon Fire TV is still losing the streaming box race to Roku, this might be one of the ways Amazon attracts new customers.

Via Cord Cutter News

Nick Pino

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