First the 'Wall', now the 'Window': Samsung patent points to transparent TV

TVs take a dominant place in our living rooms, and arguably even more so now that trends are pushing their sizes to upwards of 55-inches. A new patent suggests Samsung is continuing its efforts to push the displays into the background of our living rooms.

Following in the footsteps of the Samsung Frame TV, which appears like a picture frame with a cycle of artworks when it is in standby mode, Samsung has filed a patent for the 'Window' TV.

Filed on October 22 of this year by Lippert Stachow Patentanwälte (an intermediary that has previously worked to patent devices on Samsung's behalf), it offers little in terms of description beyond the name itself.

Part of a TV family

However, Samsung's outlying, design-led screens have recently had very literal names – just as the 'Frame' took its cues from an artwork, so too did the Samsung Wall TV, Samsung's modular microLED display, take up an entire wall, such was its size.

It wouldn't be a stretch then, with a name like 'Window', for this screen to make use of Samsung's transparent display technology. The past few years has seen the likes of Panasonic and LG showcasing transparent TVs at shows like CES and IFA, and Samsung has demoed similar technology in the past. With CES 2019 around the corner, and that being the original debut show for the Frame, could the Window make an appearance there.

As for exactly who would want a transparent TV, its potential goes beyond the living room. Advertisers could use it within shop windows or on public transport, while there's a case for businesses to use it too, where crowded office space needs to be kept as flexible and welcoming as possible.

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