FIFA 22 career mode could be getting a huge upgrade

(Image credit: EA)

FIFA’s career mode has traditionally been an offline only affair, with only minimal changes and quality of life improvements between each annual version. But it looks like that could finally be changing in FIFA 22, if the wording of a recent job listing is anything to go by.

A FIFA 22 job listing for an online software engineer could impact more than just EA’s existing suite of online modes in the annual football franchise, as the job description has hinted at the potential of online functionality for the series’ long standing career mode.

The job listing states: “As an Online Software Engineer, you will help build our networked play development team - whether that be in our online career mode, ultimate team, or core online systems and protocols.”

Virtual kickabout

An online career mode would represent a pretty substantial shakeup for FIFA 22, as it would be a first for the franchise. However, what isn’t clear is how online play will factor into the upcoming entry’s career mode. Whether online functionality will be seamlessly integrated into a more substantial career mode, or if it will be a separate mode entirely, remains to be seen.

While EA has confirmed it will be skipping E3 2021 in June, we still might not have to wait long for more details on FIFA 22 and its plans for career mode. The publisher’s own event, EA Play Live, is being held on July 22, 2021. While we’re not sure which games will be announced during this event, EA’s usual sports lineup (FIFA, etc) is a safe bet.

An online career mode would certainly be a welcome addition to the game, especially for those turned off by the complex and often controversial Ultimate Team mode, which relies heavily on in-game purchases. An online career mode could be a substantial alternative – potentially a way for players to play online in a more unpredictable and lively football season environment.

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