Facebook's original shows could be arriving next month

Facebook's way beyond being just a social network these days, with ongoing projects in virtual reality, artificial intelligence and much more. If reports are to be believed, Mark Zuckerberg's empire will very soon be expanding into original video shows too.

According to Business Insider, Facebook is readying a slate of "TV-like shows" that are going to hit the web sometime in June. About two dozen shows are going to feature in the first push of content with more programs following in the future.

Apparently we'll see both big-budget, full-length shows as well as shorter 5-10 minute videos more like the plethora of content already on YouTube. These shorter programs are tipped to refresh every day.

Show me the money

The idea is to give Facebook more control over the video on its platform and of course to keep users engaged - in recent years we've seen Netflix, Hulu, Google, Snapchat and even Apple work on their own original programming to attract more eyeballs. Video ads could also be run alongside the shows.

A virtual reality dating show is one of the programs coming your way in June, the report says, with a lot of teen-centric content on the agenda too - apparently Facebook is still obsessed with stealing youngsters away from Snapchat. Sports is another area that Facebook is apparently exploring.

All this comes from anonymous people "familiar with the plans" that Facebook has, so it's not official yet, and there are hints that the launch date could be pushed back. Better get all of your binge-watching done now though, just in case.

David Nield
Freelance Contributor

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