Expect to see iPhone and iPad apps up for pre-order in the Apple App Store

Super Mario Run was the first instance of the Apple App Store allowing you to pre-order a title, but from today all developers will be able to do the same for their upcoming software.

It's something we see quite often within the Google Play Store for Android, not to mention on games consoles, but now those who are using an iPad or iPhone will be able to pre-order titles too.

Developers can start to build the hype for apps and games 90 days ahead of the official release date by listing it on the store.

Straight to your phone

You'll now be able to press the pre-order button and you'll then get either the app or the game downloaded to your phone or tablet immediately when it's released.

If you're spending money on the title, you'll only have to pay once the app or game is released. You can also cancel at any time without incurring a charge from Apple or the developer.

Some markets - including the US - are already seeing a pre-order section within the App Store, but we've yet to see that in the UK and expect it to roll out in the coming days.

Via TechCrunch

James Peckham

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