Samsung's new AddWash™ washing machines now let you add clothes midway through a wash


Samsung's new range of washing machines are set to revolutionise the way we think about washing our clothes.

With Samsung AddWash™, you can now put extra items into the drum while it's midway through a wash.

It means that the moment when you put a wash on and then find missing clothes, which should have gone in with the rest, will be a thing of the past!

It has a "door within a door" design that means no matter what stage of the wash it's on, you'll be able to add extra. It'll really come into its own, when you have delicate items that only need the final rinse of the normal wash cycle.

You could even just add a dash of extra fabric softener when you think a big load needs it.

The innovative features don't stop there. Some AddWash™ machines are WiFi enabled for iOS and Android devices meaning you can instantly start or pause the machine, keep an eye on cycle selections and remaining time, and even receive finishing alerts when the cycle is complete.

Each machine also has a Digital Inverter motor to deliver superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and long-lasting performance.

Plus if you're in a rush, the new range includes a SuperSpeed feature to complete a normal wash in less than an hour using shooting water jets to rinse detergent off the clothes faster than a normal wash.

Then there's ecobubble™ technology that pre-mixes the detergent with air and water before filling your entire drum with bubbles to make the wash 40 times faster than just water and soap.

It's much gentler than normal washing and will save more energy as it can use cold water whilst getting the same result.

Currys will be stocking 14 different models of Samsung AddWash™ machines and all purchases will include a five year guarantee.

Currys is exclusively offering free delivery, installation and will also recycle your old machine for free. Plus if you purchase a WiFi-enabled machine, Currys will also set that up free of charge.

Prices start from £599.99 and the brand new range is now available at Currys.

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