CryptoGalaxy is set to become the world’s first ever virtual universe powered by blockchain technology, available as a fun mobile game for both iOS and Android

If you’ve been wondering about all the things blockchain technology can be used for, Zeepin has a few projects that show off what it can do. The first to see a public release is an entertainment dApp (decentralized app) CryptoGalaxy, a blockchain-powered mobile game for Android and iOS that lets players find their own planets in an infinite universe and gather resources, develop their planets, and trade with other players.

CryptoGalaxy is the first app of its kind, as a virtual universe where each planet represents a unique node in the blockchain used for the game, dubbed Galaxy Chain. At a later stage in development, players will also be able to apply to host whole galaxies that serve as Masternodes on the Galaxy Chain.

To start, players can buy planets with Gala, the in-game token that powers the whole Galaxy. Zeepin’s cryptocurrency, ZPT, will also be an option for upgrading some aspects of planets in the game. Players can select available planets for purchase and make it their own. Gradually, Zeepin will add more planets to the game, expanding the universe for players. Each planet is different from the next, with features such as color, block, size, mass, rings, day and year length generated to make them unique. In the CryptoGalaxy app, planets are fully rendered in 3D using the Unity game engine.

Once discovered, the planet belongs to the player, who becomes its host. Hosts can give their planet a unique name, such as Planety McPlanetface, if they’re so inclined. Over time, planets with a mining bot on them will generate Mythic Crystals, which planet owners will be able to see in-game floating on their planet. A variety of robots are available to handle mining operations, and each has a level and mining capacity that players can upgrade. All it takes for a player to receive the Mythic Crystals is a click, and then it will automatically be converted to Gala and added to their account. The process for players to get Gala is a simulated form of mining. Players without planets can also mine on other people’s or unsold planets, but they’ll share a portion of what they dig up with the owners of the planet where they mine, 15% in the case of planets owned by other players and 20% in the case of unowned planets.

Zeepin also plans to have various Gala-earning opportunities in the game, such as inviting friends to join CryptoGalaxy, though these are still being decided. 

Though Gala functions as the in-game currency, powering utilities and transactions, planets themselves are an asset on the blockchain.

Within CryptoGalaxy, players can buy, sell, and trade planets, possibly earning more Gala in the process. Before doing that, though, players will want to try increasing the value of their planet through daily operations, performing tasks, and improving the mining technologies of their GalaBot Interstellar Machine, which does the mining. Since the value of a planet is effectively decided by what other players would be willing to pay for it, even the unique name selected could be important.

All of the planet discovery and development, social interactions, and galaxy-building ties into Zeepin’s main focus with CryptoGalaxy, which is “Explore-trade-benefit.” Finding new planets means new mining opportunities. Mining other people’s planets earns everyone Gala. Effectively, the more people active, the more everyone earns.

CryptoGalaxy also has a level of competition involved. The game ranks countries, so players can represent their home nations by owning more planets and digging more Gala.

Not just the beginning

CryptoGalaxy might be new to you, but it’s already reached the hands of YouTubers, bloggers, and journalist for two rounds of beta testing. Soon, it will be available for everyone.

Zeepin is hosting its first meetup event in Seoul, South Korea, on April 23. This will serve as the official launch of the CryptoGalaxy game. Then, anyone will be able to get into CryptoGalaxy and starting mining.

CryptoGalaxy players will be doing more than just playing though, as the decentralized app also plays a part in Zeepin’s ecosystem of dApps that enable blockchain-based copyrighting, transactions, insurance, crowdfunding, and more.

Eventually, Zeepin plans to expand the scope of cryptocurrency-use in CryptoGalaxy by listing Gala on exchanges, also by opening the game up to other cryptocurrencies. One day, players may find themselves buying a planet with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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