Crash Bandicoot mobile game launch date confirmed, as pre-registration opens on iOS

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run
(Image credit: King)

Everyone's favorite short-sporting marsupial is getting his own spin-off mobile game, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run, which is set to launch in Spring 2021.

Crash: On The Run was first announced in July, with pre-registration opening for Andriod devices shortly after. As of today, pre-registration is now open for gamers on iOS.

The game, which is being made by Candy Crush Saga creator King, will be free-to-play offering classic Crash gameplay as well as some new features to your typical runner game as Crash and friends dash through levels collecting wumpa fruit to defeat Dr Cortex.

You'll be blasting through familiar Crash stages and fighting classic enemies from the series, bringing 20 years of Crash Bandicoot inspiration into one game. You'll also be able to play as other characters from the series.

Pre-registration is now open for iOS devices, which means you can basically pre-order the game and be notified when it officially launches.

You'll need to visit the official website for the game to register your interest, sign up for news updates and can get yourself a cosmetic to use in the game when it comes out.

Check out some new gameplay shared in the video below:

According to the game's website, Crash On The Run is "Transforming the runner genre with elements that add depth and progression to the game, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! brings the best of the Crash Bandicoot franchise from the last 20 years."

We don't know how many stages there will be at launch, or if future ones will be locked behind some form of a paywall, but a press release from King has said that we'll be able to play The Lab level where Crash first defeats the evil Dr Cortex from the very first Crash Bandicoot game.

Levels will feature hidden paths which, if found, will lead players to challenges that will test your skills and see you face additional dangers.

Crash: On the Run will be released Spring 2021, with no specific date set yet.