Cooler Master’s eye-catching MK750 mechanical keyboard comes with its own CPU

Over at Computex, Cooler Master has revealed a host of new peripherals, led by a rather tasty-looking mechanical keyboard, alongside some mice, a gaming headset and fresh PC cases.

The headline revelation is the new flagship MasterKeys MK750 mechanical keyboard (pictured above), which comes with Cherry MX switches rated for 50 million-plus presses, and benefits from ‘floating keycaps’ for nifty aesthetics and better illumination.

Yes, this is an RGB backlit keyboard, and it also comes with RGB lightbars around the front and sides of the chassis for more lighting tricks.

Other notable design elements include a slim profile and a removable wrist rest which attaches using magnets. The keyboard’s braided cable is removable too.

The MK750 comes with its own 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor and 512KB of memory onboard, and as a result offers on-the-fly controls for adjusting the RGB lighting and recording macros without needing to install any software on your PC. Nifty.

Accompanying the MK750 is the MasterSet MS120, a keyboard and mouse set which will be affordably priced. The keyboard is a ‘mem-chanical’ effort, meaning it’s a hybrid of membrane-based keyboard and mechanical, with keys offering a ‘clicky’ tactile bump when pressed. It also benefits from the same floating keycap design and per-key RGB backlighting as the flagship model.

The mouse that comes with the MasterSet MS120 is of the ergonomic variety, and comes with three-zone RGB lighting and two side buttons, with on-the-fly DPI switching achieved via another button.

Mice to meet you

Cooler Master also unveiled a further pair of mice: the MasterMouse MM520 and MM530. The former is the successor to the Spawn gaming mouse, and is designed for first-person shooters with reinforced side-grips and a roomy shelf on one side of the device on which you can rest your ring finger.

It offers on-the-fly DPI adjustment with a maximum sensitivity of 12,000 DPI, and comes with three-zone RGB lighting.

The MasterMouse MM530 is the sequel to the company’s Storm Mizar with seven buttons, an ergonomic design, and again on-the-fly DPI adjustment with a maximum sensitivity of 12,000 DPI.

Cooler Master also showed off the new MasterPulse MH320 headset with a steel frame and ultra-soft leather closed ear cups, along with a foldaway bidirectional boom microphone.

And if all those peripherals weren’t enough for you, there were also new cases on show including the MasterCase H500P (the new name for the HAF series) and Cosmos C700P.

The latter maintains some of the classic design elements of its predecessors – including four brushed aluminum handlebars – but adds nifty technology from Cooler Master’s modular concept case, including a rotatable and removable motherboard tray. We’ll be bringing you more on these new cases in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

There are no pricing details or launch timeframes as yet, but all of these products are expected to be available before the end of the year.

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