First impressions: PlayStation 3 3D

WipEout HD in 3D
WipEout HD in 3D

TechRadar is just back from Sony's big 3D showcase, and one of the things on display was footage from the forthcoming PlayStation 3 3D gaming.

Last night saw the PlayStation 3's online maintenance that brought the 3D capability, and Sony was keen to show off not only the four PSN launch games – WipEout HD, SuperStardust HD, PAIN and MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo – but also footage from racing game Gran Turismo.

Although the assembled journalists were not given the opportunity to actually play the games, we were run through a significant amount of footage.

3D glasses

Indeed, the racing games – WipEout HD and MotorStorm Pacific Rift as well as Gran Turismo – worked absolutely superbly in 3D.

Sony talked about 3D giving gamers the edge against their opponents, and for these titles there could actually be a grain of truth in that statement.

MotorStorm was perhaps the most impressive, with the lush visuals benefiting from the visceral quality that the 3D brings.

Motorstorm pacific rift

That, of course, means that crashes feel all the more wince-worthy, and that the car's movement feels much more realistic in regards to the ground.

WipEout games have always been fast and furious, and although the 3D looks gorgeous (once you have donned the active shutter specs of course), the sheer speed of the game actually works slightly against the 3D.

Gran Turismo – the don of racing games – simply looked amazing; from the cockpit display and speed dial, to the lovingly rendered cars and tracks. This is a game that could truly benefit from 3D.

Perhaps less impressive was SuperStardust HD; although the 3D helped the layering of the action, it actually seemed to make things all the more confusing as your eyes worked overtime to deal with an already busy environment.

3D on the playstation3

The fact is that, should you have invested in a 3D television, then Sony's PlayStation PSN bundle of 3D games and content is a bit of a no-brainer.

For £24 people genuinely will have some content that will leave their mates wondering if they can blow thousands of pounds on bringing a 3D set in to their living room.

And, of course, you will benefit from getting some experience at 3D gaming, and adjusting for the inevitable launch of big titles which will no doubt bring big improvements to the quality of the technology.

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