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And like that, the week was over. The last five days seem to have flown by quicker than you can say 'Wiiiiiiii!' But that doesn't mean the week hasn't yielded some great stories. Quite the contrary in fact, it's been an exciting week.

Google has given us a great view of our galaxy with its new Sky addition to Google Earth. It enables you to examine the constellations unhindered by clouds and light pollution. And if you thought that was cool, how about the new LG U990 touchscreen mobile phone? It's sparked a lot of interested from the public at large as well as the UK's mobile phone networks.

Another story which ticked your fancy came in the form of Symantec's latest comments about the security of games consoles. Apparently they're susceptible to the same security issues as PCs. And another games console-related news story saw a controversial games industry insider claim that the next generation of gaming will see one unified platform. Would this put an end to the format wars?

Here's one for you: What's slower than the speed of light but quicker than a speeding bullet, and cooler than the surface of the moon? It's the new Nikon D3 SLR - the fastest DSLR the world has ever seen. A very nice camera indeed, and it's already in great demand. A bit like the Nintendo Wii which this week overtook the Xbox 360 to become the biggest selling next-gen games console. Are the console wars over?

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It's not all bad for the Xbox 360 though. The console was this week given a price cut in Europe; the Core unit is now the same price as the Nintendo Wii itself. Plus, the Xbox 360 Elite was launched too and the big question is, will anyone buy it?

And while we're on the topic of games consoles, how about the news that not only did the Wii overtake the 360, but the PlayStation 3 is now outselling the Xbox in Europe? Not only that, but it's done it for four weeks in a row now. And what with the news that the PS3 is getting its own digital TV tuner and recording upgrade, are things on the up for Sony?

Last week's Weird Tech round-up also managed to stoke your fire. 'World of Whorecraft"? Is that a joke? And if that doesn't have you confused, many Mac users might be surprised to see Symantec claiming that Apple Macs are just as full of security holes as Windows PCs. Can that be right?

On Monday, HP claimed that the world is going to flip out over the its latest invention - a service that enables you to print documents anywhere in the world using your mobile phone. You have to read it to believe it, a bit like Sony's bizarre claim that the PS3's Eye Toy peripheral is better than the Nintendo Wii remote control.

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