Yahoo not keen on MS, making eyes at Apple

Is it likely that Apple will try to outflank Microsoft on the Yahoo sale?

As soon as Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Yahoo for an obscene amount of money, some wondered if other major tech companies would want to get in on the action and bid for the online firm as well. While some hedge funds have been mentioned as possible competitors, a report on Monday surfaced claiming Apple may be in the running.

According to the Scotsman, Apple is one of many firms that is unwilling to stand by as Microsoft attempts to assert itself in the online space. The report also cites Yahoo's intention to seek acquisition proposals from other companies, evaluate all of its strategic alternatives, and then "pursue the option that it believes can best maximise value for [its] shareholders."

Yang doesn't like Microsoft?

"Yahoo chief executive and co-founder Jerry Yang is understood not to be Microsoft's greatest fan, and would be prepared to line up another 'white knight' rather than concede to Ballmer," the Scotsman wrote in its report. "It is believed he would be particularly open to a rescue bid from Steve Jobs' Apple Corp, having openly expressed his admiration for the firm in the past."

So far, Apple has declined comment on any deal it may attempt to make with Yahoo, but considering it has a vested interest in Microsoft's activities, it may offer a bid before long.