Will the next iPhone have a wrap-around display?

Apple Patent
360 Facetime, anyone?

While we wait for Samsung to finally make good on its word and bring us its first flexible smartphone, Apple might be getting ready to pip the Korean company to the post.

Published today by the good guys at the US Patent & Trademark Office, a new Apple patent outlines plans for a "flexible display assembly enclosed within the transparent housing".

Basically, it describes a phone with two flexible displays working together. The body would be made of glass, with a continuous AMOLED screen that wraps around the entire device.

Flex it

The patent was filed in 2011 and it's not the first time we've heard of Apple showing interest in flexible tech. The company has also filed a patent for a (very '90s) flexible slap band, as well as a function for detecting capacitance changes - aka squeezing.

It's also what we're also expecting to see on the Apple iWatch when it eventually surfaces. But patents being patents, there's no guarantee that Apple will go ahead with its wrap-around idea.

The new form-factor reminds us a bit of the more ergonomic build seen on the iPhone 3GS - just without any of the actual housing.

There'd be loads more real estate for apps and content too, though Apple will have to work hard to make the flexible tech ideal for watching video if the curve dimensions are very bold. But we're flexible to new ideas.

Via AppleInsider

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