Steve Jobs is a no-show for WWDC

We may not see Steve Jobs at WWDC but a new iPhone might turn up
We may not see Steve Jobs at WWDC but a new iPhone might turn up

The World Wide Developers' Conference in June is one of the biggest dates in the technology calendar, but this year one of the biggest figureheads in tech won't be attending – Steve Jobs.

The head of Apple has been enjoying a six-month leave of absence from the company, but the June show falls out of that six months, with many speculating that it would be here that a fit and healthy Steve Jobs would return to publicly re-take the helm of his company.

However, this is not going to be the case, as Apple's Vice President Phil Schiller will instead be hosting Apple's keynote speech at the event.

New iPhone

It's still unknown how big the show will be for Apple. Again the rumour mill is churning as WWDC has been the place that both incarnations of the iPhone have been announced, so there's a lot of assumption that a third is just around the corner.

What is almost certain, is that the iPhone 3.0 firmware update will be officially released. This update is said to include a digital compass for the iPhone; cut, copy and paste; and MMS messaging.

So all in all, June could be a damp squib for the UK, as we'll still be waiting for the Palm Pre (even if the US get it) and we're still waiting to find out whether the Samsung i7500 Android phone will be coming as well.


Graham Barlow, editor of MacFormat had this to say about the Steve Jobs' no-show: "It's not a surprise, more of a disappointment.

"We'd all have loved Jobs to take the stage to give the keynote as proof of his triumphant return to health, as he takes back his position as day-to-day CEO, but whose to say he won't make a special appearance?"

Meanwhile, Chris Phin, Deputy Editor of MacFormat believes it was never on the cards: "Steve Jobs is currently on medical leave, and while he's said that he hopes to return in June, nobody, surely, could expect his first act to be to front a keynote speech at such a prestigious event?

"Never mind the physical and mental stress such a task would entail, he'd have to have been compiling and rehearsing the presentation when he's supposed to be recuperating."

Self destruction

In other Steve Jobs' news, Apple's CEO has been given the go ahead to bulldoze an old mansion on his grounds.

Originally the building was saved from destruction after locals deemed it to be historic, but now Jobs has been given the all-clear to move the wrecking ball in and dispose of the home.

Maybe that's what will be keeping him busy in June.

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