New MacBook Pros on the horizon?

Apple might have something more up its sleeve, and it's called the MacBook Pro

Apple's been busy over the past few weeks. Aside from the release of the Apple TV Take 2 and

the MacBook Air,

the company has also

reduced the price of the iPod shuffle

, doing its part to keep customers coming back for more.But according to reports, Apple isn't done yet.

AppleInsider is claiming that Apple is soon to release an improved MacBook Pro, citing product databases that cropped up across the United States over the weekend as evidence.

The publication "has been able to confirm that three new Apple-formatted part numbers - MB402LL/A (Good), MB403LL/A (Better), and MB404LL/A (Best) - have turned up in inventory management systems of both Apple and its channel resellers such as Best Buy".

Prices remain static

Intriguingly, the information was also presented next to pricing data, which shows the cost of purchasing one of the new MacBook Pros has yet to change. As it stands, the prices for each model are $1,999 (£1,000), $2,499 (£1,250) and $2,799 (£1,400), respectively.

But aside from the confirmation that new part numbers have been entered into retailer databases, AppleInsider has been unable to confirm the imminent release of an updated MacBook Pro.

Given the fact that the notebook hasn't been upgraded in months, however, hopes are high that Apple will release an update sooner rather than later.