iPod helps Man Utd win League Cup

The iPod - Man Utd's not-so-secret tool
The iPod - Man Utd's not-so-secret tool

For most, including every bookie up and down the land, it was inevitable that Manchester United were going to lift the League Cup yesterday, but when it came down to penalties, there was a glimmer of hope for Tottenham Hotspur.

Not that anyone told Man Utd's goalkeeper Ben Foster, as he was busy preparing for the penalties by using his iPod.

After keeping a clean sheet for over 120 minutes of game play, Foster turned to his iPod to give him help for the impending shoot-out.

On it was information about the footballers that were about to take their kicks against him.

Amazing tool

Speaking to reporters, Foster said: "Just before the shoot-out I was looking at an iPod and on it were Tottenham's penalties, including one from O'Hara."

For Spurs, Jamie O'Hara missed his spot-kick as did David Bentley.

And whose idea was it to use an iPod? None other than Eric Steele, Manchester United's goalkeeping coach.

"The iPod is an innovation of Eric's, he brought it to the club when he joined us from Blackburn Rovers," said Foster after the game. "It's an amazing tool to have, it means you can brush up straightaway."

Next time a major cup goes to penalties we're hoping the use of holographic imaging will be OK, meaning there could be up to five 'keepers in goal and the kick-taker would have to choose which one to hit. Now that would be entertaining.

Marc Chacksfield

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