Apple looks for UK mobile partner for Tablet

Apple looking for UK mobile network to partner with on its Tablet

Apple is understood to be in talks with a number of UK phone networks, discussing potential exclusivity deals for its forthcoming Tablet slate computer.

The latest mobile computer from Apple is set to launch on 27 January, with Steve Jobs announcing the product at a press event in San Francisco.

The iPhone/iMac/iPod computing giant is said to be discussing subsidies with UK phone networks for the (as yet un-named) tablet PC.

Arriving this spring

The 'iPad' or 'iTablet' or 'iSlate' or whatever Apple end up calling the new device should be arriving in the US in March and in the UK later this spring.

If Apple can find a suitable mobile network partner then the initial cost of the device to UK consumers would be considerably less, if taken as part of a long-term mobile contract.

Apple is expected to announce the price of the device at around the same level of the lowerst range MacBook, which costs £816.

If Orange, O2 or Vodafone are able to sign up a limited exclusivity deal with Apple then this price could well be a lot less initially to British Apple fans, who are desperate to see more of Jobs' new creation.

Via The Guardian