Apple iPod classic survives suspected cull

iPod classic
The iPod classic lives to fight another least

Apple will continue to sell the iPod classic, despite widespread fears that the company would put the iconic, click-wheel music player out to stud.

Prior to Tuesday's iPhone launch event, speculation had been rife that Apple would wave goodbye to the famous device after ten glorious years.

Those suspicions looked to have been confirmed when Apple announced a tweaked iPod nano and a white iPod touch and displayed them as a family alongside the iPod shuffle.

The iPod classic was nowhere to be seen and, with the Apple Store down, there was no way of telling whether it would reappear when the online shop came back online after the event.

The grandfather stumbles on

Thankfully, for fans of the 160GB device, the grandfather of the family lives on and can still be bought for £199.

Rumors of the iPod classic's death were partly due to Apple's perceived distaste for the chunky hard-drive.

The iPod nano and iPod touch use super-thin flash memory, but the highest capacity device is the 64GB touch, leaving fans with masses of music out in the cold.

So, the iPod classic gets a stay of execution. It's like the old relative that lives in the granny flat away from the rest of the family that no-one really talks about.

Via: AppleInsider

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