Another Apple launch event in the pipeline?

Is it possible that a February press event could be used to unveil a new iPhone?

Apple may be planning to host a press event at the end of February to announce updates to some of its products and possibly show off new technologies.

That's according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, which claims to be citing reliable sources. Although no specific date has been made public, it does look like the chances of the event happening are high.

As Apple's star continues to rise, it seems the company's press events increase in frequency, although some of them aren't nearly as surprising as many would like. But according to multiple reports on Thursday, it looks like another product launch may be right around the corner.

Visual resources to boot

"AppleInsider has also heard rumblings that [Apple] is prepping an unusual number of visual resources for some form of display to take place on or after 21 February, yielding 26 February as the most likely date should those resources indeed pertain to a special event," the publication reported.

All of the gathered information is nothing more than rumour and should be treated as such, but considering the coincidence of multiple reports referring to the same general time period, it looks like a late February Apple press event could be announced soon.

Now, let's just hope the company announces a 3G iPhone, or at least updates to its MacBook Pro line.