Cooler Master announces Silent Pro Hybrid PSU

Cooler Master announces Silent Pro Hybrid PSU
We are the modulars

Cooler Master has announced its Silent Pro Hybrid Series PSU, which the company claims is "the industry benchmark to aspire to".

The Silent Pro Hybrid packs many features we've already seen in PSUs, such as modular cables to stop the inside of your PC looking like an unkempt branch of Maplin, and 90 per cent efficiency with 80Plus Gold Certification.

Additionally, the PSU adds three ports for system fans, such as your CPU heatsink and rear case fans.

Poor middle men

This means that the load and connections are removed from your motherboard, a move which Cooler Master describes as "cutting out the middle man".

The system fans can be controlled via a dial on a 5.25-inch fan controller module, so you can avoid accidentally sucking small furry animals into your case. The PSU's onboard 135mm fan can be controlled via a seperate dial.

The onboard fan can also be set to "fanless" mode, which turns it off until the power loads become more than 200W, substantially reducing the noise coming out of your PC.

The Silent Pro Hybrid Series will be released in 850W, 1050W and 1300W models for €199.99 (£171), €249.99 (£214) and €299.99 (£257) respectively.

We never thought we'd be excited about a PSU, but we look forward to getting our hands on one before their release in December.